Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bloodwork results

Voicemail from nurse practitioner B: blood work normal! not pregnant! Call if you have any questions!

I call with questions: Why haven't I still gotten a period? Does this mean I do not have PCOS?

Nurse practitioner B: .... well, your bloodwork is in the range of normal, but your levels do indicate PCOS... you will have to come in to make a plan and get further blood taken/testing done.


I am confused. How can my bloodwork be normal, but also indicate PCOS? So do I have PCOS or not?

The nurse practitioner also indicated that P (husband) needs to get a sperm analysis before fertility medication is prescribed.

I feel pretty badly that he has to go for a physical and semen analysis because my body is not working like it should.


I know I have only just begun this process- but I am really sad and discouraged today.

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