Wednesday, June 16, 2010

cycle update (sort of)

As of today, I have still not gotten my period. I have a GYN appointment tomorrow that I am really looking forward to (odd). Instead of just taking a half day, I decided to take the whole day off from work so that I could prepare my list of questions and cycle information.

Last week I had some symptoms that really messed with my head. Starting last Monday night, I had this tight, hot pressure low in my abdomen in the pelvic region. My stomach felt sick (diarrhea and nausea, but I never got sick) and crampy in a way I have never felt before. When I got in bed at night, and laid on my back, there was this bubble on the left that I could feel when I applied light pressure. It happened almost every night last week and was very uncomfortable. Then on Sunday, I had some sharp pains on the left, and have not had any cramps since. There were still some light shooting pains on the left on and off throughout the day on Monday.

I suspect I had an ovarian cyst on the left, that burst on Sunday, which has impeded my period and caused the cramps and nausea. Of course I thought it was implantation or pregnancy all week and peed on many sticks- I have since ordered cheap internet HPTs to give my wallet a break.

Many others have said this: trying to get pregnant really messes with your head. I am convinced my husband now thinks I am insane.


  1. I was definitely grateful for my blog back when we were just trying and things were awful and frustrating and I wasn't supposed to tell any family or friends that we were in the act of trying... I had a place to vent, especially since, yup, my husband thought I was nuts, or at least, very very obsessed!

    Do you know what is preventing you from regular cycles? Do you have PCOS also?

  2. So far, my doctor thinks PCOS is what is going on. But until the bloodwork comes back later this week, I won't know for sure.

    All of this waiting is torture!