Thursday, June 24, 2010

omen: good or bad?

A few other bloggers have blogged about bird omens recently, which reminded me of the following occurrence.

A few weeks ago, while driving home from work, a bunch of crows (no idea how many) flew over my car. One of them was carrying a dead rat. As I drove under the crows, the dead rat was dropped on my car. It thunked on the hood, and rolled off over my left wheel.

It freaked me out at the time. The whole thing felt like it happened in slow motion, and I remember thinking, "Oh great. That can't be good."

SOOooooooo... What do people think?

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  1. Mare, thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a sweet message. Feel free to comment as much as you like. congrats on getting your blog started and I hope it will help you in this process. I kept a diary from when we started TTC and now it turned into a blog and I find it helps releasing bad energy. Good luck in your initial investigation. I hope they are able to tell you what's causing your period to have stopped like this. The investigation part of things is never fun and I felt the same guilt about having to get D go through sperm samples donations, the first one was not fun but by the fourth one he became a pro (I hope P does not have to give as many!)! If you live nearby ask your clinic if he can just bring in the cup once he is done, D did that for all except one of his donation and it made him feel less self conscious about the whole thing! Good luck and I will keep reading!