Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cd 3 (TMI)

Now that we have actually decided on a course of action, time seems to be flying. Today is the third day of my proveraperiod and it is not pretty. I always have very heavy and very painful periods (which makes me wonder if PCOS is really "the culprit"), but this period is different.

Usually, my period hits me hard the first two and a half days, and then the next two and a half to three days is more manageable. This time, it is the other way around. Last Friday I started with cramps and yellow cm. Saturday brought brown, clumpy, intermittent spotting. Ditto Sunday. On Monday, the actual flow started. It was light with mild cramps. Yesterday was medium with moderate cramps. Today, it has been heavy with extremely painful cramps.

Friday will be CD5 and we will start the clomid! I made an appointment for CD23 (August 10) to have my ovaries and blood work checked for cysts/hyperstimulation and ovulation! This time I will be seeing my regular Dr., who I really like. I am going armed with a list of questions and a request for further diagnostic testing (for some reason I do not think clomid is going to work right away).

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  1. wow that sounds like a long painful period... sorry to hear it! I say bring on Friday and your new fresh cycle! Glad to to hear you are going back to your regular doctor, he sounds much nicer than the other one! I hope you are able to get more answers to your questions!