Monday, July 26, 2010

cd 8 and waiting

One of the hardest things to get used to in this process is all the waiting; waiting for my next doctor appointment, waiting each day to take my temperatures, waiting for the temps to reveal a pattern, waiting to take provera and clomid, waiting for my period to start and then end, waiting for ovulation, waiting waiting waiting. It is making me crazy.

With each new step, not only is there waiting, but there are new fears, such as: omg I am taking provera, am I sure I am not pregnant?; omg I don't think provera is going to bring on my period; omg clomid is going to make me nuts and ruin my weekend; omg what if clomid doesn't make me ovulate; etc.

Yesterday was the last day of my period, finally! It would be pretty awesome if I never had to have a provera induced period again because it sucked worse than my usual period.

I started taking the clomid last Friday, and will take my last pill tomorrow on cd 9. I started feeling achy twinges on the right and left of my pelvis today. I am sure it is much to early to feel anything ovulation related, but I definitely took note of it. I haven't noticed any severe clomid side effects, thank goodness. I had a mild headache and some extra weepiness yesterday and today.

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  1. I know the feeling, it's one BIG waiting game and I remember how frustrating it can all be..Keeping positive and having an open mind are difficult tasks. I hope the twinges are good indicators that something is going on! Good luck with this cycle!!