Tuesday, August 3, 2010

cd 16: ovulation, where are you?

Yesterday there was boob pain and EWCM for a second day. There was even what I think was ovulation pain on the left. Today, my boobs are still hurting on and off, but my temp was still low. Hopefully all of this means ovulation is just around the corner!

In terms of my mood, I think I endured the mother of clomid mood swings since last Tuesday! While taking clomid, I really did not have any side effects except for a mild headache on the last two days of taking the pill, but I seem to be having a delayed reaction to it. Since about cd 10 I have been very anxious and irritable. Of course, this could also just be the nature of TTC.

I was at a family gathering over the weekend with at least one hugely pregnant cousin and three little toddlers running around. We had a really good time, but came home feeling drained. We had spent a good deal of time with the kids, which helped us avoid the questions of my aunts and older cousins regarding when we are "getting started."

Regarding telling people about our TTC struggles, we have told our siblings and my parents about what we are going through, but that is it so far. I don't feel the need to keep things under wraps indefinitely, but we have decided to keep things quiet with extended family and friends for a little while. If this process takes longer than we hope, I would rather avoid constant status update questions from my family.


  1. fingers crossed for you. and i can understand about the 'status update' thing. i've found that my immediate family are understanding and supportive, but that they don't get how scary it is, and how scared i am it'll never happen.

    sending luck and hugs x

  2. EWCM is great!!! Are you taking ovulation predictor tests? They can sometimes be expensive, but you can find them on the internet super cheap. It helps a little as well. I've never taken clomid (see? this is something you know more than me! :) ) but I think your symptoms sound familiar to others that have taken them.

    I don't blame you about not coming out of the TTC difficulty closet for awhile. Make sure you do what's comfortable for you!

  3. B, thank you for understanding. I am normally very open with all of my family, so keeping this from most of them has been hard, but necessary to protect my feelings.

    Hi Alex, thank you so much for your comments and for following my blog! I have been doing OPKs, but so far I have only gotten faint lines, and near-positive lines. I am using cheap internet strip OKPs.