Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cd 23: no ovulation :(

This morning my temp dropped, WAY down. This really sucks. I want to throw a big three year old tantrum. P has been so supportive and great through this whole thing, but he does not totally get my frustration. I told him it's like having to build a two story, four bedroom brick house with two car garage, but you are only able to add one brick every day. (and in this illustration, I visual the house as the egg, not even a baby).

I have an appointment this afternoon with my obgyn (Dr. W, the one I love and trust), and I am worried that I am going to get emotional during the visit. Hopefully I can just ignore the pregnant women, parenting magazines, and babies, and do what I have to do. I am not entirely sure what is going on at this appointment. The horrible nurse practitioner told me at my last appointment that they would "check my ovaries" at this visit and take blood (I am assuming to check for ovulation).

If I can't ovulate I can't even try and I hate this. Last night I told P I am OUT. I don't want to do this month after month. I am shit at work and have let the house deteriorate into a pig sty. Also, I lost a few pounds at the beginning of the cycle, but the more frustrated and down I get, the worse I eat, and... you know the drill.

If this goes on longer than a few months, I will get fired, our house will be condemned, and I will be 400 pounds. Awesome.

(I will update after the appointment- thanks for reading my pity part post!)


  1. Crap. I'm so sorry that your body isn't behaving! Good luck with your doctor's visit today. Have you considered going to a reproductive endocrinologist? There's much more that they test for and can fix than an OB.

    And you can have a pity party any time on this blog - that's what it's here for! :)

  2. I have considered going to a reproductive endocrinologist. After today's appointment, I have a feeling I will be calling the local RE. I have not been comfortable with the lack of diagnostic studies done and the lack of information (I kind of feel like they just threw provera and clomid at me and sent me on my way).

  3. oh believe me i understand the urge to rant. it sucks and it's not fair. and i'm shit at work, at home and eat like crap too. i have tomorrow afternoon off and i fully plan to buy a tub of ice cream and eat the whole bloody lot. and i ate an entire tub of candy floss yesterday. and i'm supposed to be trying to lose weight............

    i hope you ovulate soon.

  4. Praying you won't end up getting fired, condemned or gain 400 pounds. Praying what you want comes quickly and (relatively, anyway) easily.

    Also, I could join you in throwing some tantrums. I'm really good at that lately.