Monday, August 9, 2010

cd 22 and quick update- possible ovulation

I need a few more temps to confirm, but I may have ovulated last Thursday (cd 18) or Saturday (cd 20). It is confusing because we were away for the weekend. I slept at my brother-in-law's house Friday night and I was FREEZING- so my temp for Saturday morning is super low. If I ovulated, I think it was Thursday because of EWCM patterns and the issue with the Saturday morning temp. We'll see...

Back to work and waiting!

I will write a longer post soon about the weekend: extended family drama, ultrasound picture of brother's baby, and husband's birthday.


  1. I hate sleeping at different places around O time - totally screws up the temps! I think EWCM patterns are much more reliable in that time. So if you O'ed on Thursday - we're in the 2ww together!

  2. CD 22.. not too long to go now then. My fingers are crossed sweetie! Cannot wait to read your update!

  3. sounds like about as fun a weekend as my weekend-before-last one was. i hope you're ok.