Tuesday, August 31, 2010

.... spotting? cramping? crazy-making? YES YES AND YES

...so FF put the CH back up on August 18th (cd 31) after I put my temp in this morning. This afternoon has brought cramping, low back pain/aches, and spotting. My boobs are hurting more too. Ladies, what the heck is going on in my nether regions? There are three options: 1) I am ovulating and it is a violent one; 2) AF is starting after an annovulatory cycle; or, 3) Implantation is occurring on 13 dpo (or ?? dpo since my chart is a mess).

Here is said chart. (please no lectures on timing, BDing, temping etc., I know, I get it, the VIP guides have DEFINITELY chided me on this, but, I have experienced that when you are stressed, emotional, and dealing with new found insomnia, it is really hard to temp after three hours of sleep AND at the same time every morning- and BDing every other day for an eleventy thousand day cycle? FAIL.).

Also, welcome to my crappy BDing, cervical fluid pattern, and TMI details of symptoms!


  1. Here's my opinion on your chart (I do have some experience, I've been charting for over 5 years) - period is about to start after an annovulatory cycle. I know you'd rather hear implantation, implantation! and I want you to know that I hope I'm wrong and that's exactly what is occurring right now.

    By the way, with the not sleeping well and whatnot - I have found that FF cooperates with me much better if I don't mess with putting in what time I temped. I know not temping at the same time every morning can mess with your temps, but my charts are still readable, just slightly less pretty, than if I had been able to temp at the same time everyday with a solid night of sleep. And FF is much better at interpreting things for me without all the white circles all over my charts.

  2. Thank you Jenn. I know that you are right. When I started feeling cramps and saw the spotting, I just knew.

    Of course the part of my brain that is on TTC crack and totally delusional is holding the flickering candle of hope...

    Also, thank you so much for the advice about not putting in the times of the temps. I think I will just put that info in the notes section instead.

  3. I don't know a ton about charts - been doing it for about a year, but when I glanced at your chart - without looking at Jenn's comment - it looked annovulatory. I'm sorry - this sucks. Temping gives us so much more information about our bodies, but doesn't it also make us crazy? Hugs to you!!!

  4. Glad to be able to give some helpful advice, you can always try it for a cycle or two and see if leaving the time the same helps. Be happy to check a chart in the future if you'd like. Good luck this cycle!