Friday, September 10, 2010

back from a little break

On Friday, September 3rd, I went away for a little vacation. P stayed home because he is not yet able to take time off from the new job. I went with my parents, sister, and sister's fiance to our fishing cottage in Canada. Even though it was rainy and cold the whole time we were there, it was so relaxing. Our cabin is rustic. There is no electricity or plumbing. The lake is right outside the front door. A person has no choice but to relax while there.

In a way, I am lucky the weather wasn't the best because it allowed me to catch up on my sleep without feeling guilty. Last week was my first week trying to sleep while P worked 2nd shift. Sleeping did not come easily and by Friday I felt like a zombie. By the time I got back from vacation on Wednesday, I felt human again and more like myself than I have felt in quite a few weeks.

. . . . .

Yesterday I finished taking the 100 mg of clomid. I accidentally started it on cd 4, so this month I took it cd 4-8, instead of cd 5-9. I hope that taking it one day earlier does not hurt my chances to O.

I did not temp the whole time I was away and I must say, it was awesome. I really like temping because I am a control freak and temping makes me feel like I am doing something... buuuuuut on the other hand, I stress about what tomorrow's temp will be and spend too much time staring at mine and other people's charts. I think if I could actually O, that I would calm the heck down about the temps and chart-staring in future cycles.

. . . . .

I can't remember if I mentioned it in my last post (and I am too lazy/tired to check), but I started a quilting class last week! This past Wednesday was my second class and so far I am loving it. My aunt and I are taking it together and we are meeting some cool people. I leave class feeling very zen, as if I just did two hours of yoga! I am also excited to be making some friends in the area, since it is clear with mine and P's jobs that we will be staying in S. Jersey indefinitely.


  1. WOW your cabin sounds SOOOOO nice!! Guvnor was all into it until I mentioned the no plumbing bit lol

    Sounds like the break was just what you neeeded!!

  2. Well done on you for taking some away time and for relaxing after the many ups and downs of your last cycle!! Your cabin sounds like a dream come true... away from everything that is stressful!! Glad you were able to recharge your batteries!

    Quilting classes sound very zen! I love quilts so much but haven't made one since I was 16 and made it as my textiles class assignment. I still have it and still love it! You have to post some pics...

  3. Just catching up... I love quilting! I used to do it quite a bit, but I really need to get back into it. Definitely show some pics of what you've done!