Tuesday, September 28, 2010

P and I shared a moment this past weekend. A moment we had not experienced before as a couple. We were at dinner on Sunday night and an adorable family of four were seated in the booth next to ours. The baby boy was about 3 months and was still in his carrier. The baby girl was about 3 and wanted to go to the bathroom again and again because she liked the hand soap.

Neither of us commented on the family, but I knew we were both very aware that they were there. We were both paying close attention to them, but were trying to act like we weren't.

Then, at the same time, we looked each other in the eyes, and I asked him if he ever felt... and he interrupted me and said, "like there is something missing?"

We both teared up and just sat in silence for a minute or two. I told him I had been feeling that way for a few months now. P said he has been feeling that way for the past few weeks. We both always knew we wanted children with each other, and have been trying to conceive in some capacity since last November when we went off the pill, but have only recently become physically aware of what is missing.

This moment was not a sad one, but a bittersweet, hopeful one. I felt closer to my husband after this brief exchange than ever before. It was fitting that this would take place the night before our first RE appointment. When we arrived at the office yesterday afternoon, we walked in, our hands joined tightly, with a shared goal.


  1. Oh sweetie. I think this is amazing that you and P were able to share this moment. So many men are oblivious, and even though it took awhile for P to get to this place, you are now both there. Amazing.

  2. (hugs) and I agree with Alex, it's nice that at least you guys are on the same page.

  3. so good that you are on the same page like the previous commenters say.

    i'm glad the moment was bittersweet but hopeful. xxx

  4. Glad to hear that you are both feeling in the same place right now. I hope the appointment went well.