Wednesday, September 15, 2010

possible positive opk on cd 14

Last night I had an almost positive first response opk at 8:00 pm. This morning at 7:15 am* I had a definite positive first response opk, but a negative internet (cheap ass) strip. I will test again when I get home from work around 7:30 pm and see what happens!

There is conflicting info about whether fmu can be used for opks. The first response instructions indicate that you can use them at any time of day, but fertility friend indicates that fmu might give a false positive result on an opk. Time will tell I guess. If I can figure out how, maybe I will include some pictures, in case there are other people doing opks who would like to stare at them and obsess (not that I do that ever).

If anyone has any insight on opks and when to test, or the effectiveness of different brands, please comment away! Last month I used only cheap internet opks and never got anything close to positive and never got a thermal shift on my chart, so my experience with them is very limited.

*Just in case it matters, I did the opk at 7:15 am, but had gotten up to pee earlier at 2:30 am, so it wasn't super concentrated fmu.

. . . . .

I had an appointment with my obgyn Dr. W on Monday night. For once, it went really well. This time I actually got to see Dr. W, with whom I was scheduled, instead of some random doctor. I told her I was not thrilled that I saw a different doctor last time and explained that last cycle was the most stressed out about ttc I have ever been and not seeing the doctor I was scheduled with did not help the situation. She apologized and was really nice about it, thank goodness. She listened patiently to me talk about my chart, metformin, etc., and answered all of my questions.

Basically, that office does not offer anything more than three months of unmonitored clomid. She recommended two REs and wants me to see one of them if I don't get pregnant this cycle. It is insane to hear her say 'get pregnant' in terms of the cycle 'working', because at this point, if I could just ovulate, I would consider the cycle a success. That will definitely wear off after a few cycles of ovulating and no positive hpt, but for now, I would just like to know my body can ovulate.


  1. Can't give much advice about opk brands but can tell you that I've gotten positives at different times of day with the chepo internet opks and the answer 30 packs.

    I'd say take the positive as a positive and see what your temp does over the next few days. Do you chart your other fertility signs? Are they pointing towards ovulation for you?

    Glad to hear your OB appointment went well, hope you don't end up needing the RE. :)

  2. I have never tried the whole OPK as there was no point for me -sorry can't be of more help. I remember when I was TTC naturally (before I found out I couldn't!) I was on a BBC group that was full of girls who know a lot about TTC naturally and were great at interpreting charts too. Here is the link:

    I am glad you got to see your OB and that you told her how important it is for you to see her and no other doctors. Glad she has a plan for you in case things don't turn out as you'd expect them to.