Monday, September 27, 2010

RE = awesome

It went really well. P and I both liked the doctor immediately. Dr. M. officially diagnosed me with PCOS. As soon as he saw my ovaries on ultrasound, he said, "You definitely have PCOS by the way." There were around 20 visible follicles on each ovary. None of the follicles were over 4 mm. Dr. M. is confident that I did not ovulate on 100 mg of clomid, but ordered bloodwork to make sure.

Here's the plan: Get the bloodwork in the morning and wait to hear from his office. Once I get a call from his office I will take 150 mg of clomid for seven days. He wants to try one more month of a higher dose of clomid taken over a longer period of time to see if I will respond before moving on to injectibles. He said I will be going in on certain days of my cycle after beginning the clomid to have my follicles checked and blood drawn.

All of my questions were answered before I could even ask them, so after giving my history, he completely took over. The best part of the visit was when he told me to stop charting and relinquish the reins to him. Sounds great to me. For the first time in months I came home and did not stare at my chart. Instead, I worked on my quilting project and cooked. I haven't cooked in weeks!

Just before the ultrasound, I started having some irrational and stupid fears. I was worried that my ovaries would be perfectly fine, that there would be evidence that I had ovulated, and that I was pregnant. These feelings came out of no where and really pissed me off. Why the hell would I hope those things did not happen? But, of course, my fear was unfounded, and I felt oddly relieved. I am losing it apparently.


  1. i'm really glad to hear it :)

    i would guess that the fears relate to a) the fear of nothing really being wrong, so there's nothing to fix; or b) the fear of losing a baby (if you're not pregnant there's no risk of pregnancy loss). doesn't make a huge amount of sense, but i think is entirely relateable.

    i hope the bloodwork results are good (whatever 'good' means.....).

  2. Oh wow - this is great! I'm so happy you like your doctor - that's huge. And it's great to be able to relinquish the reins to him. That, for me, was one of the best parts about going to an RE.

    Yay for a diagnosis! With a diagnosis, at least you have something to treat!

  3. So glad you've got a good doctor in your corner and your appointment went so well. Seems weird to say, but congrats on the PCOS diagnosis. :) I think having a diagnosis is better than not having any idea what's wrong.