Monday, October 18, 2010

4 dpiui and feeling the crazy

I am so NOT a graceful waiter. What is happening:

- stalking blogs (like checking ALL of them 5 thousand times even if there is no new post)
- reading all comments on said blogs
- googling stupid crap (such as 4 dpo symptoms... implantation at 4 dpo... REALLY?)
- wondering if I ovulated
- bouncing from feeling positive to negative every five minutes
- reading all posts on all FF forums

What is not happening:

- feeling zen
- work
- sanity

Feel free to knock some sense into me as I am currently SICK of myself.


  1. Oh yes - you are definitely in the crazy mode of the 2ww. I don't have any advice, except try to stay busy and calm. But you are very normal - it's crazy, but normal...

    Hugs to you!!!

  2. waiting is so not fun. let's hope something distracts you soon....

  3. sorry, but there isn't much besides keeping yourself as busy as possible. googling is inevitable! i've been there and it sucks to wait, but my fingers are crossed that this is the one :)

  4. waiting sucks!! I hope you find some fun ways to distract yourself! Hang in there