Friday, October 1, 2010

new cycle

I just heard from the RE's office. My bloodwork showed that I did not ovulate on 100 mg of clomid last cycle. I am starting the 150 mg for seven days today! I have an appointment on October 13th for an ultrasound to check for follicles.

The nurse told me to count today as CD 1. It is so awesome that I don't have to wait for a period or take provera to cause one.


  1. Oh wow - this is interesting. I hope this is what gives you the push to ovulate! Go clomid, go!

  2. fingers crossed for this cycle x

  3. Mare I read back and so glad to hear you RE rocks!It makes such a difference to know you are being looked after and followed by someone who understands everything fertility and how to help you. It sounds like you have a great plan.. fingers crossed for this brand new cycle!!!