Friday, October 22, 2010


Dr. M just called with this morning's blood work results: no ovulation.

Pointless IUI. Pointless symptom watching. I feel so stupid for being secretly excited.

He wants me to move on to injectibles. My injectible consult is on November 8th.

I am so upset. This is the first time I have cried at my desk and I am afraid someone will walk in (like a Judge.... so professional). I think I might leave early so I can go home and get in bed.

I know this isn't the end of the world, it just feels like it right now.


  1. Oh crap - I'm so sorry! Of course you cried - this sucks to have all that wasted time, effort and emotions. I'm so very sorry.

  2. Oh honey. What a disappointment. Going home early is completely understandable. I'm so sorry for all the "pointlessness" of it all. Just hold out a little bit of hope for next time. : )

  3. That sucks! I'm so sorry dear. Of course it feels awful, it's a big deal for you and you have every right to be upset. I would be, too. Big hugs to you. xxx

  4. oh mare, i am so, so sorry.
    you are not stupid at all.
    sending huge hugs xxx

  5. I am so incredibly sorry. Wishing you all the best on your journey. *hugs*

    ICLW #163

  6. I am so very sorry to hear this. I hope you were able to find some time to be alone with your feelings, so not fun to cry at your desk in fear of being spotted.
    Hang in there, feel free to contact me if you have questions about injectibles.

  7. I'm sorry about the news. That stinks.
    I'd say go for the injectables, I hope they work for you.

    It sucks to go through one step , see if it works, it doesn't, then take the next step, wait again and see if that works, blah blah blah...

    I commend every woman going through IF b/c they have to be so freakin' strong, mentally and physically.

    Hang in there... time is a killer, just waiting, but your day will come...

    Thinkin' about ya...

  8. I'm so sorry. The ups and downs of this whole game can be heart wrenching. I will be starting (hopefully) injectables this month too. Honestly, and I just skimmed over your history so please forgive me for not having the whole story, clomid sucked and the only result I got was a thin lining. Many women I read have had the same story and much better luck and cycles on injectables. Also, we live in the same area.

    Happy ICLW!

  9. im sorry that this has happened. and i do know that each additional thing you add to the mix often feels like the end of the world. i felt that way w/ IUIs and then IVF and then IVF #3.... you will conquer this, it just might not be in the timeline you expected. hugs and happy ICLW #31

  10. Oh that is so dissapointing! I am sorry! I hope you have better luck on the next cycle! I've never done IUI but did 6 IVFs so I can relate somewhat...I am your newest follower and just added your link! (ICLW #72 & 106)

  11. Welcome to ICLW! I am sorry to hear that you didn't ovulate this cycle...that is so disappointing. But, I am glad that you have an RE who will hopefully guide you through and do what is needed for you to get your BFP. GL!

  12. So sorry Mare, I hope next cycle can bring ovulation and a chance of conception. Hang in there!

  13. Ugh. Things like no ovulation and no fertilization are equally as devastating as a BFN. The most hysterical I ever got was when one of our IVF cycles was cancelled due to overresponse and false ovulation - and had a high-level colleague walk in to the office that I thought was unoccupied where I was hiding behind the door sobbing. Wishing you peace as you recover from this cycle.


  14. It certainly is hard to get this kind of news! I think some of the disappointments in the beginning of treatment, as time goes on you figure out which coping strategies work best for you. I hope that your course of treatment will soon be over!

    Best wishes,
    Lisa Rouff, Ph.D.

  15. I have PCOS, too. I never responded at all to clomid and only once on Femara.

    I am in the middle of my first injectable cycle (follistim and femara) and had 3 mature follicles! I triggered last night and we're sticking with timed intercourse.

    I just wanted to encourage you as you start injectables... They have worked so much better for me. This is only the second time I have ovulated in over three years...

    Good Luck!


  16. I'm so so sorry for the results you just got. Don't feel stupid, and don't feel bad for crying... you do what you need to do. I hope you had a weekend to give yourself some love and care, and clarity for moving forward with the next steps. Sending you much luck and love.

    ~Keiko, Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed (ICLW #142)

  17. I'm here from ICLW and I am sorry to hear about the test results. I hope that you will have better luck with the next steps!