Thursday, October 21, 2010

October ICLW- Welcome

Hello! This is my first ICLW and I am really excited to be participating.

P (husband) and I got married in September of 2009 and stopped taking birth control pills in November of 2009. I got my first period at the end of December/beginning of January. I got three more periods and then nothing... for 98 days. I started temping halfway through the never ending cycle. At that point, my fears that this getting pregnant thing would be harder than I hoped were confirmed, and I went to my OBGYN. Dr. W told me that I probably had PCOS, but would need some tests to confirm. I took provera to end the long cycle.

I started 50 mg of clomid during the next cycle and did not ovulate. 100 mg of clomid did not work either. Dr. W recommended I see an RE, Dr. M. It was difficult for me to make the first appointment because it was all getting real very quickly, but once I did, and I went, I felt so much better. He told me to put down the thermometer and step back from the research. I finally felt like someone was going to work on this problem besides myself and that things would get rolling.

He looked at my ovaries and blood work and confirmed the PCOS diagnosis. He prescribed 150 mg of clomid for seven days. Last Wednesday I went in for a follicle check and I had one mature follicle at 23 mm. Dr. M recommended an IUI the following day. When we arrived for the IUI, Dr. M informed us that my blood work showed lower estrogen than he would have liked and asked me to come in at the end of next week (tomorrow) for blood work to make sure I ovulated.

Sorry if this was a jumbled mess- I should have prepared something last night instead of right now, before I start working! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to checking out all of your blogs!


  1. Sorry to hear things aren't going as you certainly would like them to. I'm under the annoying blanket dx of unexplained infertility, but I get your frustrations of PCOS and annovulatory cycles. I didn't have a chance to read your other post before I started this comment, but I hope the IUI went well and that the 2WW goes by quick with fanastic news to report at the end!
    `ICLW #78

  2. hello -- well, at least you have a diagnosis and can start working on the steps it's going to take to get that BFP!!

    23mm is a great size, I am thinking you should ovulate and be good to go with something that big...

    I hope it works out for you!!!

  3. Welcome to ICLW! I hope that you get your bfp from your iui. That would be so great. I have pcos as well.

  4. Hi! It sounds like you have a good RE. Hope all goes well when you do your IUI!