Friday, October 8, 2010


During lunch a co-worker (we'll call her Kelly) and I walk around Philly for an hour or so. Today, while walking, I noticed that my lower back was aching and cramping like when I have my period. At first, I kind of freaked out because I thought my period was coming, which would have meant that my body was completely ignoring the clomid!

I tried to pay attention to what Kelly was saying, but really I was obsessing about my back cramps. Then I realized that there was quite a bit of pressure and achiness in my lower abdomen, on the right and left, radiating into my hip area.

The achiness and pressure continued through the afternoon and evening, both in my back and in my lower abdomen, on the right and left.

Of course, I won't know anything until my ultrasound next Wednesday, but I know I have never felt anything quite like this before. So maybe this is good? Maybe this means ovulation is going to happen?

(p.s.: I went to w.eight w.atchers and I lost a pound! It's small, but it's progress!)

edited to add: I took my last dose of clomid last night (150 mg for 7 days).


  1. Yes indeed that could well be ovulation - same kind of pains I get!

    Will keep everything crossed that it was!!


  2. Sounds like the pains I had on clomid. Hope this is a great sign. Good luck!

  3. I have never taken clomid but it does sounds like ovulation pain.. keeping everything crossed for you sweetie!!

  4. Could definitely be ovulation! Oh how exciting!

  5. Hoping that's exactly what's going on down there! And congrats on losing a pound!