Thursday, October 14, 2010

post first iui

Since we got home from the appointment I have been trying to compose a post about how it went. I feel all sorts of weird about it. It went quickly, P's sperm count was 67 million (good I think), it didn't hurt, and P held my hand.

Right before the IUI, Dr. M said that my estrogen level (they took blood yesterday) was a little lower than he thought it would be and that he would like me to come in the end of next week to have my progesterone levels checked to make sure I ovulated. He could tell that I immediately started freaking out and assured me that if he was VERY concerned he would have cancelled the IUI. He told me that he has had plenty of patients get pregnant with much lower estrogen levels than what mine were.

I am trying not to be upset and negative, but, it feels like I have been holding in tears all day since Dr. M mentioned my estrogen levels being low. I was relieved when P went to work so I could stop smiling and go to bed and mope.

Don't get me wrong, I am still hopeful and cautiously excited... but back to waiting to see if ovulated, as usual. I was looking forward to my first two week wait. Now I have another one week ovulation wait, and then a one week wait to test.

God, I am such a whiner.


  1. 67 million sperm is GREAT! Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry you feel teary. I hate the rollercoaster IF can be. But listen to your doc - your estrogen levels are certainly pregnant-worthy!!!

    And you're not a whiner - this is the place for all your worries - we're here to listen.

    Also, thanks so much for your super sweet post - I laughed at the thought of your prayer over my pee... You make me smile.

  2. YAY! and congrats my friend :) i so hope this works, my friend. it isn't as bad as it sounds is it?

  3. Will keep everything crossed for you


  4. isn't it a relief when you don't have to smile?

    thinking of you and hoping both results are positive.

  5. Whine all you want, you've got every reason to feel like whining sometimes. My fingers are crossed for you!!