Thursday, November 4, 2010

The first injection

was so easy.

The instructions to use the pen were very clear and I did not feel the needle go in, even though I injected myself. There was a little burn after, when I rubbed the injection site with an alcohol pad and applied pressure for a minute, but that was it.

So far, I have not felt any weird side effects. I hope follistim does not make me as crazy as clomid did. On Monday I will find out if/when I start the ganirelix. There is an ovidrel shot for trigger and progesterone suppositories (can't wait) for after the IUI.

Next week, I have Thursday and Friday off from work and it would be pretty awesome if the IUI fell on one of those days. I have no idea how fast the follistim works though, so I might be out of luck.

The best part of injections: the hershey kisses on top of the pile of drugs when you open the box!


  1. WHAT!?! I didn't get any hershey's kisses!! Not fair!!! :)

    The injections are pretty easy! And they didn't give me any side effects at all... and I was a crazy beast on the clomid!!

    Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

  2. So glad!!

    Good luck with this IUI. : )

  3. Glad that the shots went well. I knew you could do it. I found follistim to be easier than clomid over all but I did feel side effects as I got closer to trigger day, still will take over clomid any day!
    Good luck to you.

  4. im very proud of you! those shots are nothing, right? you must have the same pharmacy as i do...M's? they are awesome. i have used them 5 times now and everything has been perfect. so glad that everything was covered too!!

  5. Wait a minute! You had Hershey's Kisses?!? I got jipped!

    Ha! Congratulations on joining the group of women who can proudly say they shoot up for a baby! :p