Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have been a little distant from blogland over the past few days because my anxiety levels have been running high. I had a monitoring appointment yesterday, and things look good so far, but I have a bunch of follicles around the same size and the RE warned me that if too many mature, then the IUI will be cancelled.

Tomorrow morning I have another monitoring appointment and will post afterwards.

Please don't let this cycle be a bust too... this month marks one year off birth control and one year of anovulation (except for possibly one cycle).

. . . . . . . . . .

I got a letter from my insurance company last week and starting January of 2011, fertility drugs will not be covered if the end result is IUI or IVF.



  1. : ( So sorry to hear about your high anxiety and the possibility of cancellation. I am pulling for you and your beautiful follicles. Eff the insurance companies.

  2. My insurance is the same way. It's only covered for non-coital procedures (well just the injectables anyway). I've thought about seeing if my clinic will let me order more just in case we need to move onto IUI...

  3. UGH! So sorry hun...I'll keep my fingers crossed for a few good lead follies.

    Let me know which meds you're on right now...I have some leftovers that I'm planning to donate once I make it to the 2nd tri...

  4. Oh I really hope this cycle doesn't get cancelled!!! I am sending good thoughts over, hoping that only a small few pull ahead!!!

    And I hate insurance companies - that sucks!

  5. Crossing my fingers and toes for you!!!!
    Just a thought, can you get your RE to order you meds to keep as a back up in case you need them? Perhaps this way you can sneak in before the Jan 1 deadline?
    Crossing my fingers and toes for this cycle!!!!

  6. I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow! Also, ugh, about the insurance. That sucks!

  7. Thinking, praying, and hoping for you lady... Hopefully you won't even have to get to that point of insurance bowing out because you will be pregnant before then!