Monday, November 1, 2010

injectibles consult and news

The consult was fine. It was quick and the nurse did a great job of delivering the instructions clearly. She explained how much the drugs would cost, that my insurance would not cover them, and that the office had some drugs that they could donate to my cause. The nurse told me that she would call the drugs into the pharmacy and that the pharmacy would call for my insurance information. She took some blood and sent us on our way.

I felt relieved after the appointment, but sick to my stomach over the cost of the drugs, even with the help from donated medications.

A few hours later, the pharmacy called for my info. While I was in T.arget with a friend, they called me back to tell me my total: my insurance covered EVERYTHING!!! My copay was $100... that's it. I asked her to repeat it twice because I thought I was hearing her incorrectly, and then when she assured me I was hearing her right, I burst into tears and full on ugly cried in the middle of the makeup aisle at T.arget.

I feel so thankful. I still can't believe this.


  1. It's a good sign!! I think this means good things for this cycle : )

  2. Wow - this is incredible! And so very rare. You are one very lucky girl. I agree, this bodes very well for your cycle...

  3. Yay!! Mine were covered, too! My copay was $9! I could not believe it when I found out. My nurse told me not to tell anyone in the waiting room because they might jump me!! :D

    Yay! Good Luck this cycle! I can't wait to hear how it goes!! :D

  4. oh that's great. i hope it's a good sign :)

  5. that is wonderful news, I too get my meds covered, it is a huge relief!!!!