Friday, November 26, 2010

Just wanted to quickly update: no news. On 12 dpiui (the day before thanksgiving), two different pregnancy tests were negative. I think that means I'm out. P is holding out hope for the blood test on Monday, which is sweet, but it makes me sad. He is hunting until Sunday, and even though I promised not to, I think I might pick up a few more tests for tomorrow morning (15 dpiui). That way I can be more sure of the blood test outcome and can prepare him. I hate that he is going to be disappointed.

I hope everyone is having a good holiday week.


  1. Oh I'm so very sorry - this is so disappointing. Hugs to you and P...

  2. i'm so sorry mare :( i really thought this month might be the one.

    still keeping everything crossed that your time is soon, even if not this month.

  3. Damnit. I was excited for you, I thought your symptoms sounded very promising.

    We'll get it right someday!!

  4. I am so sorry.....there is always a little hope until you see the crimson wave but....ugh.... Hope you are having a lovely ICLW

  5. So sorry. But it is very mature of you to prepare yourself for the negative outcome.
    You and me - we'll both get there.
    much blessings

  6. Here for ICLW - hoping its a late implanter and you get that BFP afterall.