Tuesday, November 16, 2010

progesterone suppositories are the new hot accessory for the fall (TMI warning)

The suppositories are either really disgusting or not that bad, and I have not decided which yet. Either way, I was excited to start them on Saturday morning... along the lines of being excited to inject myself.

The fact that I need them, means I ovulated and that something might be going on down there, even as I type. Last Friday, after the IUI, Dr. M said there was no chance that I did not ovulate. He said my blood work was "beautiful." There was one dominant follicle, and a second one that may or may not have released an egg.

One concern I have with the progesterone: it seems like a good bit of it ends up on my liner and I am worried that I am not absorbing enough of it.


  1. Great news!!!! don't worry about the leaking out, that is totally normal, I am sure you are absorbing plenty. Good luck with everything!!!

  2. Okay this is gross but seriously, I have been on them for 10 days and I have found the best success (least leakage) with this method:

    1) assume a seated position (at first I had been doing them lying in bed, but that doesn't allow you to get them as far "in"). I have found the edge of the toilet seat works well -- not ON the toilet seat because twice I have dropped the damn thing in the toilet and had to fish it out and wash it off.

    2) use your middle finger (or whatever finger is the longest) for greatest distance. really shove that puppy in.

    3) lie down for at least 15 minutes afterward.

    Those are my tips at least, but hey, I'm not a doctor. Sorry to get all graphic on you. Who knew I had so much to say about vaginal suppositories?

    : )

  3. I agree with Lulu's comments. I actually do them twice a day. I usually set my alarm for an hour and half before I normally get up, put one in, and I'm able to fall back to sleep. I usually don't have much of it leaking out after that, just maybe a few random times through the day. Then I do the second one before I go to bed or if I know I'm going to be laying on the couch watching TV, and I rarely have leaking at that time. It is pretty gross though. I've heard that a little bit of leaking is not a problem and you're still getting what you need.

    I did sign up to become a consultant! I want to get a website going so people that don't leave near me can still order. I'd love for you to be my first customer!! I'll be sure and keep you updated on when everything gets up and running!

  4. Oh they really are SO gross! I've been doing the shots this cycle, and those are pretty rough, but at least I'm not leaking! :)

  5. Ah yes, the joys of the leaky vag... I agree with the comments above - definitely spend some time on your back after inserting them, and don't worry about some leakage - no big deal!

    Good luck with the 2WW - I hope it goes by super fast for you!

  6. I always loved hearing my bloodwork looked beautiful.