Monday, December 20, 2010

10 dpiui and my resolve is weakening

My plan not to test before the blood test this Thursday is weakening. I am scared of a negative blood test the day before Christmas Eve, so I am thinking of easing myself into the negative by testing from tonight until Thursday. That way, I will handle the disappointment over a few days, rather than all at once.

I have no real expectations of a positive test, so I am like, "let's get this negative business over with."

Thoughts on waiting vs. testing early?

One thing I have stuck to this cycle: no symptom watching. Between the trigger and the progesterone suppositories, there is no point. Things have been much calmer on that front this time around.


  1. Ugh - what an awful thing - waiting or testing. I admit, I'm a tester. A completely addicted, crazy inducing tester. And it's not good - not at all good. So officially today, I'm trying to become a waiter. And I'm officially giving you my first advice to wait - because this weekend sucked. Testing early is not good - I think I'm converted. I'll be posting later today all about this...

    There is no point about symptom watching, is there? Sending you all kinds of positive vibes your way!

  2. wishing you lots of luck. I think testing the day before or the day of the beta can make sense. fingers are crossed for you....

  3. good luck. test or's such a conundrum!