Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11 dpiui and we have spotting

not sure what is going on down there. after i saw the spotting this morning, i caved and tested. results: inconclusive.

two answers had light pink lines, didn't have to squint, but they were LIGHT, a CVS (blue dye) test had an obvious blue line, clear blue digital: NOT PREGNANT. all lines came up in way under 3 minutes.

this cycle has been so weird! despite the mixed results this morning, i am not freaking out. not excited, not negative... just "huh." i won't believe anything until i hear from the doctor on thursday morning.


  1. Light lines? Am I understanding this correct? one test was positive and one test was negative? Oh I'm hoping I understand correctly, and I hope that second line gets darker!!!

    You'll know for sure very soon - hang in there!

  2. remember that the digitals are not nearly as sensitive as regular line tests.

    Try not to stress and obsess and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

  3. yes alex, you read it right. three line-type tests had light lines (i can't type that they were positive, i just can't yet) and a clear blue digital was negative (gotta love the blaring, NOT PREGNANT). I had a little bit of spotting this morning, only on the tp, and it has not returned.

    sorry if i am being confusing, i just don't know what to think and am not allowing myself to get excited.

    Thanks Sarah- i hope that is the case.

    thank you both for the comments- feeling scared.

  4. I hate digitals... I think the Not Pregnant is so rude! I agree with Sarah - I've heard that digitals are not as sensitive... Test again tomorrow!

  5. Regular sticks have about a 25mIU sensitivity. Digitals have about a 50mIU.

    I wouldn't be surprised that Thursday blood draw would show a beta of 100+.

    GOOD LUCK! :)

  6. Ugh that is so frustratin, holding out hope for you!!!!

  7. i've been reading but not commenting for ages. just wanted to say that i'm thinking of you and hoping for a definite positive tomorrow. sending hugs for the wait x