Tuesday, December 28, 2010

second beta

Yesterday's blood test was rescheduled for this morning because of massive amounts of snow.

beta #2 at 18 dpiui: 503. The nurse said that was good (doubling time 37.8 hours).

I was feeling good about it... until I started googling and am now worried about my beta numbers. Why the hell couldn't I have just stayed away from google? UGH.

*please God let everything be OK*


  1. Everything's great! Doubling time in 38 hours is great! It needs to double in 48 hours or less. So enjoy this moment, and stay away from google!!!! :)

  2. My 1st beta was at 18dpo and it was 543 and my nurse said that was pretty high and perfect. Don't stress and worry... it's a GREAT number.

    Here's a site I compared to with my betas... betabase.info .

    Hope that helps and please don't stress. That is a great beta number!!

  3. thanks so much alex and sarah q.

    i looked at the betabase website and it made me feel so much better- of course, i found the only site on the internet (something on babymed) that told me my doubling time was lower than average.

  4. that beta number looks shiny and beautiful to me! good luck!

  5. Trust the nurse. The numbers sound great. Now stay away from Google.

  6. doubling time of less than 48 hours. perfect. now stop worrying!!!!!!! (insert hollow laugh)

    the numbers sound good :) i hope you are feeling well honey! and stay away from google! i freaked myself out with it too and it's just not worth it. sending hugs x

  7. Fantastic. We just returned from the mountains and I wanted to check on you. Happy your beta is doubling as it is supposed to!