Monday, January 31, 2011

I am still here (random post)

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I am still pregnant and seemingly healthy, thank god, so everything in that area is ok.

My Nana has been very ill from congestive heart failure for the last few weeks and P and I have been driving home as much as possible to sit with her in the hospital to give my Mom some time away from the hospital. In between all of that, we went to Florida for a five day getaway, which was much needed. I felt kind of guilty going away while my Nan was so sick, but we had planned the trip back in September and really didn't want to waste the airfare, etc. Florida is a short flight from NJ/PA, so we figured we could fly home on short notice if we needed to. Thankfully, that was not necessary. Nana has recovered some ground and is home from the hospital, for now.

Beyond all the travelling and visiting though, I guess I haven't had much to say on my blog. As excited and thankful as I am for this pregnancy, I still have trouble talking out loud about it to anyone but P. I swear I was never superstitious before this! My Mom was always superstitious about things, especially pregnancy, and I always thought she was crazy. Well, I guess I am a little crazy too.


  1. Good luck with your pregnancy! So sorry to hear about your nana.

  2. I'm so sorry about your Nana. I hope she's OK.

    I'm so glad you're still pregnant and everything is looking good! I was getting a bit worried. Did you have a good time while you were away?

  3. So glad to hear that everything is going well with your pregnancy! That's so sad about Nana, but I'm very glad to hear she is home from the hospital!