Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my lent goal of working out daily- not happening. i don't know why i even make such promises- i rarely follow through. the work goals i made for lent i have been following through on at least. lent work goal: do work at work. mind blowing, i know.

infertility not only killed my already slow metabolism, it killed my work ethic completely. i got in a horrible habit of reading blogs and researching fertility issues all day (and obsessing over my wacky charts) instead of working. i got stuff done, but it was not my usual production.

i thought once i got pregnant that things would go back to normal. not so much. infertility stress rolled over into beta hell stress and then first trimester stress. now, a few weeks into the second trimester (thank you god) i am not as stressed and have decided it is time to amp up the work production.

so far so good.


  1. Oh man this is so me Sadly I'm not preganat yet and I swear I spend 80% of my time at work reading blogs or on infertilty sites. And in the 20% of time I'm actually working I often find my mind still wondering into infertility land. I can't help it, its like an addiction!!

  2. I am also guilty of non work at work. Some days it is horrible. I am really going to try to work harder on this one too! Glad I am not the only one.

  3. I am at work right now soo...I hear ya : )

  4. Oh yes - I am so there with you! I have to make myself deals: 15 minutes working, 15 minutes reading blogs. Actually, spending 1/2 my time reading blogs is better than some other days...