Monday, May 16, 2011


this past weekend was a productive one. on saturday, P and I looked at 10 houses. my sister and her fiance came along. they are interested in the process because they plan to buy a home before they get married next summer. they were blown away at the difference between the listing and the actual house. a house could look amazing in the listing, but could be a trash heap in person, and vice versa.

the longer we look at houses the less excited i get about buying one. we have seen 25 houses so far. i am not sure whether this a lot of houses to see, or if it is average, but it feels like only a few. there are so many variables with each property and style of house that it makes this process like trying to find a needle in a haystack. when we first began looking, i did not think that we were "picky" buyers. we just wanted something with 3 bedrooms and a garage and some amount of grassy backyard. turns out, we don't want water or mold in the basement, we do not want freight train tracks directly behind our backyard, or floors that have been peed on for years by beagles.

out of the ten houses we saw on saturday, we liked three. the first one was 20 minutes south of where we live now (a popular area in south jersey right outside of Philadelphia), and the other two were in the areas and school districts we want. the first one was a five year old townhouse. it was an end unit, so it had extra yard and windows. it was by far the most updated, spacious, and beautiful home we have seen so far, but the school district is meh. the second house was an adorable three bedroom cape cod with two car garage and cute yard, but right out back were freight train tracks. the third house was a three bedroom bungalow with original hardwood floors. it was immaculate and well taken care of, but the third bedroom was about the size of a walk-in closet.

more house discussion to come...

*** blogger ate the comments on my last post, so i copied and pasted them from my gmail and added them back in. i hope alex and cgd don't mind. i like going back over my posts and comments, so it is important to me to have them together.


  1. We suck because we bought the first and only house we looked at. We still had to settle though - we loved the inside but the outside is pretty ugly, parts of it are really outdated. But we had a gut feeling about it so we bought it. And I've never regretted it.

    If it were me I'd go w/the third house. A tiny 3rd bedroom isn't all that bad. And don't forget, it's probably not the house you'll retire in, right? It's okay to buy a "starter home".

  2. Ugh - I hate looking at houses. The idea is fine, but it's so hard finding exactly what you want. How long will you be in the house? Could you move again before the kiddo starts school? This is all so exciting!