Saturday, September 24, 2011

breastfeeding update

so that 7 feedings in 24 hour thing only lasted three days. by thursday, she was back to 8 feedings, and on friday she ate 10 times. i called the nurse at the pediatrician on friday to calm my nerves and she reassured me that her poo and pee output was excellent and that she was fine. i knew she wasn't hungry because she was satisfied after every feeding and not fussy or crying, but the extra reassurance did the trick to put my fears to rest for now.

this baby is such a good baby. she eats, she sleeps, she poos and pees, and almost never cries (*knock on wood*). i forgot to mention HER HAIR in my last post. she has a full head of dark brown hair! we saw it in a 36 wk ultrasound. it was so cute floating in the amniotic fluid. from that ultrasound until i delivered her i could not wait to meet her and see all that hair.

i know i blogged about my weight briefly before, but i have been pretty overweight ever since law school... probably about 40 pounds from where i like to be. while pregnant, i tried my best to eat healthy and not to gain too much weight and managed to gain only 15 pounds. i have lost 20 pounds since delivery. hopefully this keeps up for a few weeks! my goals this week are to use the wii fit a little this week and to attend a breastfeeding group wednesday afternoon.

P goes back to work monday night and i am not looking forward to it. i think am.elia and i are ready, but we will miss him being with us all day and all night so much. he is so good with her and knows exactly how to soothe her and how to read her.

please excuse any mistakes... sleep deprivation big time.


  1. I am so impressed with the 15 pound weight gain thing. You are awesome.

  2. So glad to hear she's such a good baby and everything's going so well! And that's awesome you've already lost 20 pounds! Woohoo! Good luck after P goes back to work - sounds like you'll do just fine!

  3. Hope things are still going well :) she sounds awesome!