Friday, December 30, 2011

going back to work

as i mentioned in my last post, i will be going back to work next thursday. this makes me nervous for a number of reasons: being away from her for 9 hour stretches, pumping at work, her not nursing all day, and being functional at work.

i have never been away from her for more than 4 hours. being at work all day, three days a week, both excites and scares me. i am looking forward to a return to adult conversations and lunches and using my brain... but not looking forward to missing the amazing new things she does every day while i am at work. i will also miss nursing her throughout the day.

at work i will have to pump in my office. my pump is not exactly quiet and it will probably sound like milking time at the farm to the adjoining offices and those passing by in the hall. anyone have any pumping at work advice or comments?

despite not getting more than a 5 hour stretch of sleep at a time for over 16 weeks now, i am at a point where i am used to the sleep deprivation and get things accomplished around the house. these things may be pathetically small, such as laundry, dishes, and bill paying, but they get done.

my fear is that work will be a different story. my job consists of sitting in front of a computer for 8+ hours writing and researching with almost no people interaction. the afternoon slump can be brutal some days... can only imagine how it will go with less than great sleep.

one more stressor: my scary flabby post baby midsection. how the hell do i get it into trousers? i am planning to wear spanks for the first few days, but those things make my ass sweat like whoa. guess it's time to start paying attention to my diet and working out (fitting those two things into my day, on top of work, pumping, breastfeeding, and childcare will be a breeze, i'm sure).

it's official. i am buying a powerball ticket and praying for a miracle.


  1. ahh! it will be a big transition but i'm sure you will handle it just fine : )

  2. Not from experience as I'm not back in work til May but:
    cover the pump so you can't see it, look at a pic of bubs and think of her and her smell, if you can manage to do breast compressions at the same time (depends on your pump I guess!) then that will help the milk flow, hand express to 'finish' each breast both to get some extra milk, to ensure the breast is empty and to encourage out the high fat part so the milk you've expressed is balanced, pump as many times as you can in work at first to try and establish it (you can cut down in time - I'm hoping to work half days and hoping to just express once at first and to cut that out in time and just feed more afternoons and evenings to make up for it).

    If babs is full term and healthy hot soapy water is fine for breastmilk (although NOT formula!) you don't need to sterilise.

    You will be fine :) I quite like the idea of going back to work, i just can't stand the thought of leaving J to do so :(