Monday, January 2, 2012

• baby girl has been teething since 11 weeks. So far, she has three teeth that have broken through; two on the bottom and one on the top. She is working on another top tooth.

• lamps are very attractive to her. She loves talking to them and even makes lamp specific sounds.

• she has been sleeping very well since... well, always really (I know, we are very lucky). She gets up once a night for a feed, usually between 3 and 4:30, and goes back down until 7-8 AM. We are working on getting her to bed earlier than 9 PM and on extending her naps. Last night I tried to get her down by 8 PM, but she was not having it until 8:40 or so. Baby girl tends to be a cat napper and takes up to four 20-40 minutes a day. We have been working with her and have her taking two 1-1.5 hours naps and a third 40 minute nap. The problem is that she has trouble moving through her sleep cycles during the day. If I pick her up and hold her or rock her after she wakes from a short cat nap, I can usually get her to sleep for another hour by holding her on my chest for the remainder of her nap. Yesterday P got her to sleep for 1.75 hours in her playpen without having to hold her through the second half of her nap. He seems to be better at getting her to sleep than me. When she sees me, she just wants boob. The stupid books say that good naps mean good nighttime sleep and I have found that to be true.

• we have been using breast shields since Amelia was born because I have flat nipples. For weeks I have been trying to get her to latch without one and I think we are finally making progress. She has been feeding without a shield for at least 1/3 of each feeding for two days.

• P started the last four weeks of his paternity leave last Friday. His projects for the month are cloth diapers and cereal toward the end of the month.

• I am still feeling hot and cold about going back to work on Thursday. The anticipation of going back is probably worse than actually getting up and going will be... I hope.

• P got me an for Christmas and as much as I hate jumping on the trendy apple bandwagon, I admit that I love the stupid thing. The camera is great and it is super convenient to be able to take video and pictures and post them right to facebook or the blog or send them in text messages and emails.

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  1. Ohh! ohh! Cloth diapers!! I am obsessed with cloth diapers right's what I'm channeling a lot of my nesting/parenting anxiety into : )

    First we thought we'd do the gdiaper system but then I decided they're a bit too cumbersome and expensive for us. We (I) decided on pocket diapers and after hours - probably days - of internet research, I decided on BumGenius 4.0 and Fuzzibunz and I'm slowly building a stash.

    What kind are you going to do?