Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working is not happening right now, so it's time for a post. Things with baby girl are ever changing.

We started cloth diapering since my last post. It was goal of mine to start it when she was 4 weeks old... then 8... 10... and finally, when I had almost no maternity leave left, I pulled the trigger. Surprisingly, we both love it. I knew I would, but I wasn't so sure about P. Once he saw how soft the diapers were and how they did not make her little bum red, he was hooked too.

Breastfeeding is still happening, but is becoming more of a struggle for a couple of reasons. Pumping at work makes it difficult for me to maintain my usual level of productivity. Getting so little done compared with what I used to accomplish in an eight hour day makes me feel like a failure. I only pump twice because of that and stress that it will kill my supply. I am hoping that because I only work in the office three days a week, that it won't have that much of a negative effect. Also, I effing hate pumping. It feels uncomfortable, is sometimes painful, and makes my nipples so tender that I am back to using lanolin all the time.

Baby girl is so much more interested in her surroundings that she gets distracted easily when we're nursing. Sometimes I have to let her play for ten or fifteen minutes before trying again. This is fine except for when I am trying to work from home.

Despite the complaining, I still love bfing and am going to forge ahead. My goal used to be six months, but now that we are quickly approaching five months, I am extending it to nine months.

Sleep is still going well for the most part. She goes down for the night at eight and usually wakes once, sometimes twice, for a feeding and is up anywhere between six and seven. I am hoping she starts sleeping in just a little longer, until 7:30 or so. This would work better for P. He gets up with her Wednesday through Friday and doesn't get to sleep until 2 AM because he works nights.

*edited format... posting from my phone sucks.


  1. Great to hear from you! I hear you on the pumping thing. Doing it now, and I hate every minute of it! Hang in there - you're doing a great job! And I hope baby girl sleeps a little longer - would be fabulous!

  2. Just dropping in to say hi and that I hope things are still going well xx

  3. Quick piece of advice - have you tried a larger nipple shield for pumping? That made a HUGE difference for me in terms of comfort b/c my nipples weren't rubbing so tightly on the edges of the nipple shield.

    Don't stress about it killing your supply to only pump twice - THAT is what will kill your sleep (the stress!). I only pump twice, though I usually get to nurse her at lunch. I think if it's only 3x/week that you're pumping twice, you'll be fine.

    Hang in there!