Thursday, March 22, 2012

welcome ICLW

this is my first ICLW since having A. it is time for me to come out of hibernation! i keep putting off posting because so much as happened since my last post, that i don't know where to start. this is just a crafty excuse i use to procrastinate and to cocoon myself away from the world. i use a similar excuse to avoid working out... usually "i'm too tired" or "there is not enough time" or "when i lose some weight i'll start" (the last one makes the least sense!). sadly, i also use these excuses to put off calling or seeing friends, getting my finances in order, and cleaning.

one of my goals for 2012 was to stop making excuses and to do what needs to be done, as well as to be more disciplined in general. so, here i am, jumping in! life has been good. A has started sleeping better again (a separate post), P is more rested and thus, less cranky, i am getting into a routine at work, and i am committed to getting more active. The nice weather and extra hours of sunlight has helped lift my spirits.

some stuff that has been on my mind and will be the topic of some upcoming posts: TTC #2, breastfeeding/weaning, sleep training, organizing and decluttering, and getting healthier.

background for ICLW visitors: P and i got married in September 2009. i stopped taking birth control a few months before the wedding because our plan was just to let things happen. for a long time, probably a few years, i had a feeling that getting pregnant would not be as simple as having sex with my husband/significant other. there would be years that i got my period once or twice, even on birth control. i had one or two annovulatory "periods" when i went off birth control and that was it. fast forward to April 2010: i went to the ob because i had not had a period in a long time. officially diagnosed with PCOS. i was given 50 mg of clomid. i think i used clomid for 5 months, with increasing doses, and i never ovulated. the last cycle of clomid was with my RE and involved a trigger shot (there was 23mm follicle that ended up being empty). next, we moved to injectible medication. i finally ovulated in november 2010 using follistim (with an ovidrel trigger). we did IUI that month = BFN. in december 2010, higher dose of follistim, 3 mature follicles (scary), triggered on december 10, IUI on december 11, and bfp on december 21.


  1. Mare, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    I found my bras at Simply Be. I absolutely LOVE the bras I go and was amazed how quickly I got them (even with my ginormous bra cup size). The only thing to be aware of is that they run about a cup small. Before you order, check out this site for proper measuring info. With all the info they give you, you will be able to figure out your proper size.

    ICLW #26

  2. Yay for coming out of hibernation! I think your upcoming blog posts sound great - I'm excited to read!!!

  3. I am definitely going to start following your blog, we have a lot in common! And we both came out of hibernation for the same ICLW! I look forward to hearing about your path, and wish you the best with TTC#2.

  4. Ooh I would have been scared with 3 follicles during an IUI too...Triplets would be a handful! Glad to see that it all worked out though and you got your baby.

    ICLW #61