Wednesday, March 6, 2013

we never made it to that RE appointment on October 6th. a week after A's first birthday (September 6th), i had lots of ewcm and achy ovaries... having only ovulated a handful of times in my adult life (mostly with injectibles), i knew i was going to ovulate.  we found out that i had indeed ovulated on September 23 when an hpt came up positive... holy crap people. 

it's a funny story, because, i actually threw the test away because i thought it was negative.  i did not think it would really work and i was mentally prepared to return to ART in October.  P asked to see the test an hour or so after i took it and i told him i had tossed it.  this is very unlike me.  in the past, i would hold on to those suckers and squint at them for days (ok weeks) after.  like a nutjob.  P said he saw a faint line.  i was like pffffft ok, but sure enough, there it was.  i woke up at 4 AM the next morning to take another hpt, and the line was much easier to see. 

we are due June 4th and are having a boy.  part of me still cannot believe it.  we know how lucky we are to avoid fertility treatments this time around and are amazed that this is how so many people have babies.  it was painless.  it freaks me out, because i feel like it was too easy, but i am trying to just go with it and not let the worry creep in.