Sunday, September 15, 2013

A2 at 14 weeks

A2 is at one of my favorite baby stages right now.  he is still small enough to hold for long periods, he is soft and chubby, he wiggles enough to entertain himself a little, he can grab things, and he laughs, smiles, and coos.  if i could freeze him like this for another six months, i would.  holding him is pure joy and when he gets excited to see me, my heart could burst.

as far as sleeping though, A2 has been torture for about two weeks now.  from the time he came home from the hospital until two weeks ago, he only woke once at night to nurse.  i was delighted at how rested i felt and thought i had struck gold with a "good" sleeper.  HA.  two weeks ago, A2 began waking a minimum of three times to nurse, with restless periods in between.  he is sleeping in our room in a rock and play, which is not optimal, i know.  i tried for a week to get him to sleep in the mini-crib in our room, but he is difficult to get down in it and then wakes every 40-60 minutes until i give in and put him in the rock and play.  he is still swaddled as well, even though he seems to be fighting it more and more.

i have experimented with leaving his arms out, or just one arm out, but it makes him even more restless because he still startles sometimes and his arms wake him.  at this point, i am not sure what to do to improve things, beyond just waiting a week or two and trying the crib/arm(s) out of swaddle again. i know this is an area that will improve as he matures and we are able to put him in his own room, but it is still difficult to function on so little sleep. this is one of the reasons i am nervous to return to work tomorrow.  i am afraid i will be so tired that i will not be able to function.


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